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By Ed Boland. It was the polar opposite of his previous experience — assistant director of admissions for Yale University. As the class of eagerly awaits letters from colleges, Boland reveals what really goes on behind the scenes in this excerpt. Working as a gatekeeper at Yale gave me lasting insight into the formation of the American elite.

My colleagues and I were sent to scour the country looking for the best and the brightest young minds. In the fall, I went everywhere, from Charleston, W.

Yale 2024 Applicants Discussion

I was welcomed with varying degrees of energy and enthusiasm. In Ohio, an eager headmaster at a boarding school took me to a nice lunch and toured me around the campus in his convertible with the top down. At a large public school outside Detroit, I sat outside the cafeteria at a sticky table chatting with a representative from a local cosmetology school.

Largely ignored by the students, we passed the time talking about the challenges of having very fine hair. After the recruitment season wrapped up, the admissions staff returned in the late fall to New Haven and started the early-decision process. We would spend hour after hour poring over huge stacks of applications and green-bar computer reports.

How do you account for that?

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The applicants were an impressive lot. An aspiring art major sent in a dazzling, poster-size pen-and-ink drawing of himself suspended high over the campus on a pair of gymnastic rings, his body forming a perfect Y for Yale. They all waltzed into the freshman class.

I am sure he enjoyed Haverford. And then there were the athletes. After fierce pressure from the athletic department, I had to admit a highly sought-after French Canadian hockey recruit. After the preliminary votes were cast, the Admissions Committee was convened. Composed of faculty members, deans, and the most senior admissions representatives, they served as judge, jury and executioner for the nearly 14, applicants. Any member of the committee could challenge you to back up your recommendation on any candidate in your region.

It had small electric consoles from which members would anonymously flip a switch to light up either a thumbs-up green light, thumbs-down red light, or wait list white light. Because we had to get through about applications in each two-hour committee session, we developed shortcuts.

Deciding which 14 percent of the applicants would get the golden ticket was really tough work. InYale got nearly 31, applicants and accepted a mere 6. The great majority of students we admitted were truly brilliant and had busted their tails to get there.

But the fingerprints of privilege were still present.Kimberly Chow am, Apr 26, For most high school seniors waiting to hear back from Ivy League colleges this year, March 29 was the day circled in red on the calendar. But relief arrived unexpectedly early for some students like Rui Bao, who received the coveted, yet somewhat mythical, wink from Yale: the likely letter. Later that night, she got a similar call from her Yale admissions officer.

The next day, a Yale sweatshirt arrived courtesy of her local alumni club in St. Louis, Mo. While not all likely letter recipients find themselves showered with the same level of attention as Bao — who immigrated from China at age 6, is ranked second in her class and received numerous awards, including being named a Coca-Cola Scholar — the letter alone is a momentous overture from a college.

Likely letters, which are sent to a small proportion of regular decision applicants between January and early March, are intended to alert certain students that they will likely be accepted once late March or early April comes around. College admissions officers listed various strategic reasons for this practice, including increasing the chance that an accepted student will matriculate. Some counselors said the letters appear to target particularly desirable — and courted — categories of applicants, such as ethnic minorities.

Although all Ivy League schools are bound to abide by a common spring notification date for regular decision applicants, they are allowed to communicate their intentions to students earlier. While sending likely letters to athletes is a common practice for schools around the nation, academic likely letters are a lesser-known phenomenon. One recent recipient of a likely letter from Yale even thought the letter was a joke when it first came in the mail. But admissions officers at some Ivy League and small private schools acknowledged sending such letters to at least a few students every year.

In fact, following the recent decision of Harvard and Princeton universities to eliminate their early admissions programs, some counselors speculated that these schools may increase the number of likely letters they send in order to ensure that the top students have ample time to consider their options. Brenzel said the fundamental reason that the Yale admissions office sends likely letters is that students admitted under regular decision have just a month to make their decisions, during which time they may be considering many other offers.

Students admitted under early action, on the other hand, have months to learn more about Yale and imagine themselves on campus before they hear back from any other schools. Admissions officers hope to identify those regular-decision applicants who are virtually certain of acceptance and to put Yale on their radars as soon as possible, especially as they may also have received early offers from other colleges.

A prospective likely-letter recipient could be attractive to admissions offers for any number of reasons, Brenzel said, from extraordinary accomplishments in the sciences to having overcome unusual situations of disadvantage. But all likely-letter recipients must meet three criteria: They must be such strong candidates that they are virtually certain to have applied to other competitive schools, it must be virtually certain that the most competitive schools will accept them, and last, Yale officers must be virtually certain that they will admit the applicant, even without seeing the entire applicant pool.

Such exemplary files are read, as are all applications, by two admissions officers. But if these readers agree to nominate the applicant to receive a likely letter, the application proceeds not to the admissions committee but to the judgment of Brenzel himself. Brenzel declined to say how many such letters Yale sends out each year.

Regular Decision Notification Dates for the Class of 2024

But a student familiar with the likely letters program said Yale sent out about early letters this year. Harvard, which also uses likely letters to target top academic recruits, sends out roughly of them each year, Harvard Director of Admissions Marlyn McGrath-Lewis said.

McGrath-Lewis said Harvard sees likely letters in part as a reward for extraordinary students, who may excel in areas from mathematics to music. She said admissions officers must be able to predict how the candidate will compare to the rest of their fellow Cantab hopefuls.

For now, Princeton University uses likely letters primarily for athletic recruits, spokeswoman Cass Cliatt said. But in light of recent policy changes that eliminated early admissions at Princeton, she said, the number of academic likely letters could increase.

Likely-letter programs may be more important for smaller schools hoping to compete with the Ivy heavyweights for top applicants. Williams sends about of these letters each year to outstanding academic students, he said. This year, Williams accepted 1, students from an applicant pool of 6, for an acceptance rate of In an increasingly competitive admissions landscape — for institutions as well as individual students — likely letters appear to be an strategic tool for colleges to recruit from highly desirable groups, high school counselors said.

Some of those students may come from a particular demographic that the college would like to single out and lure away from competitors, counselors suggested, citing examples of outstanding minority or low-income students who received likely letters.Typically, Likely Letters are sent to applicants several weeks before official admission verdicts are slated to go out.

These letters are one tool that the Ivy League schools use to encourage their recruited athletes to put other options on the back burner … Some colleges—not the Ivies—put their own spin on the Likely Letter.

Their early missives may not address the acceptance issue at all but might, instead, include an invitation to attend a campus event that seems geared to accepted applicants or to join a special and clearly elite academic program in the fall. So the bottom line is this: I'd like to like the Likely Letters but they are largely unlikable, and most candidates whom admission officials like are, nonetheless, UNlikely to get them.

As a parent, I've had firsthand experience with likely letters. Our son applied to engineering programs at two Ivies as well as at two highly competitive liberal arts colleges.

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Yes, he applied to only four schools! That's hard to believe in these days of seniors applying to to or more! His EA acceptance didn't arrive until mid-December, which was the last early decision to arrive at his high school. It was worth waiting for, though, and he eventually accepted it and enrolled there. The other Ivy, however, must have suspected that our son would be courted by most of the other colleges where he applied, although I don't recall him revealing his list of candidates to any school.

In any case, early in the year following his EA acceptance, he got a letter from his other Ivy engineering program, not only telling him to expect being accepted but also detailing the very generous financial aid package that they were offering him.

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This presented a somewhat tempting situation in regards to his EA acceptance, which had until May 1 of that year to be decided. That's the convenient flexibility of Early Action, as compared to Early Decision.

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The Ivy that sent the RD likely letter was playing the percentages that our son had perhaps not applied and been accepted elsewhere ED, and that if he had applied EA and been accepted, had not yet sent his enrollment deposit, which was, in fact, true. That's why likely letters are pretty much targeted fishing expeditions.

Likely letters can be highly disruptive. What do schools have to say about likely letters? I found an article from the University of Pennsylvania's The Daily Pennsylvaniandated March 2, about this time last year that speaks to the issue. Here are some highlights:. Not all regular decision Penn applicants must endure a three-month wait for their admissions decisions. This year, Penn will send likely letters, which virtually guarantee admission, to approximately applicants in total. About half of this group was notified on Feb.

Likely letters provide outstanding applicants with additional time to consider their college options by offering a decision earlier than originally expected. However, they also aim to ensure that Penn snags more top students than its competitors for its incoming freshman class …. How about at Yale? For most high school seniors waiting to hear back from Ivy League colleges this year, March 29 was the day circled in red on the calendar.

But relief arrived unexpectedly early for some students like Rui Bao, who received the coveted, yet somewhat mythical, wink from Yale: the likely letter.

Later that night, she got a similar call from her Yale admissions officer. The next day, a Yale sweatshirt arrived courtesy of her local alumni club in St.Yale is well known for sending out likely letters to students they want very much to attend their institution photo credit: Namkota.

In the case of one student described in the article, Rui Bao, she not only got a likely letter but she also received a call from her Yale alumni interviewer, a Yale admissions officer, and she received a Yale sweatshirt in the mail.

They clearly wanted her. So why does Yale send out likely letters, you ask? The answer is that they want to win these students over. They want Rui going to Yale and by letting her know before other schools that they intend to admit her, she can start thinking about going to Yale and envisioning herself as a Bulldog. Students admitted under early action, on the other hand, have months to learn more about Yale and imagine themselves on campus before they hear back from any other schools.

What do you think about Yale likely letters?

yale likely letter 2024

Do you think that more and more universities throughout the country will be sending out likely letters in the future?

Let us know your thoughts on the matter by posting below! You are permitted to use www. You must not copy, download, print, or otherwise distribute the content on our site without the prior written consent of The Ivy Coach, Inc. Categories: College Admissions. I think sending likely letters to prospective admitted students is quite intelligent.

I also think that it is entirely fair to such letters to students with high prospects of success. So, I think eventually most universities will start to send out likely letters to the students they highly desire. Your email address will not be published. All Rights Reserved. Ivy Coach has no association with the Ivy League or any of its affiliates. Yale Likely Letters August 16, The Meaning of Likely Letters. What Likely Letters Mean.

Why Do Top Colleges and Ivy League Universities Send Likely Letters?

August 29, at am. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Newsletter Signup. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.From community college to online programs. Check out our directory of virtual campus tours we know about right now. Check out our exclusive directory of extended deadlines we know about right now. Bippitybopity 22 replies 1 threads Junior Member. April edited March 23 in Yale University. Hi everyone, I realize its quite early to start such a discussion, but I figure why not?

I'm ready to start drafting my essays and short answers in the next few weeks - what about you all? April edited March Tagged: Fall Admission Replies to: Yale Applicants Discussion. BKSquared replies 8 threads Senior Member. January Each interviewer will have their own style and questions they like to ask, but I think most experienced interviewers will try to make the interview more of a conversation than a series of Q's and A's.

While I interview for Yale, my kids' experience including with Harvard suggest the interview experience is pretty similar among the highly selective colleges that do alumni interviews. There may be a note relating to a particular area of interest. Personally, I do not ask about grades or test scores or ask for a resume because I don't want to have any preconceptions about the candidate, and I want to base my report entirely on the interaction with the candidate.

While I do not have a preset list of questions, the vast majority of interviews sequence out as follows: 1. From time to time, I may ask for some details about a class or project, and at times I may challenge them about a particular viewpoint or conclusion just to see how they react. Often during the course of discussion in 3, I will ask why they are attracted to Yale given their interests. Similar to 3, the conversation can either naturally flow to an EC or I may ask a question to get the conversation to this topic.

Here I am trying to get a sense of how deeply involved the candidate is in the activities that the candidate wants to highlight. Within 3, 4 and 5, the candidate may ask me questions about Yale, e. Usually though, the questions about Yale come at the end. After the interview, I try to write my report that evening tying the specific interaction I had with the candidate to the guidelines that the AO has laid out.Find out your chances, get recommendations for improvements to your profile, and see how your profile ranks among other students applying to the same schools.

One way in which top schools seek to woo particularly desirable students is with likely letters. What is a likely letter? A likely letter is a message sent to select students before an institution makes its official admissions decisions.

To learn more about likely letters and what they mean for you, read on.

Yale Daily News

There are a handful of reasons top schools send likely letters to especially strong applicants, the most notable of which is to increase their yield rate, while securing the enrollment of the most outstanding applicants. Yield rate is simply the percentage of admitted students who decide to enroll. For example, Harvard University Likely letters help selective schools maintain their high yields by keeping top applicants interested and engaged with them, while they wait to make official admissions decisions in late March and early April.

Likely letters are frequently accompanied with an invitation to events and programs such as diversity weekends and all-expenses paid campus visits. These invitations allow colleges to both further ingratiate themselves to the applicants and provide more time to recruit them to their institutions. The difference between a likely letter and an early write is how definite the acceptance is. For example, if the recipient of a likely letter drops their advanced classes, gets arrested, or otherwise does something negative, a school can change their mind about their admissions decision.

Conversely, an early write is an official acceptance that comes early. Early writes are common at top liberal arts colleges such as Williams and Amherst. The majority of colleges notify their regular admissions decisions sometime in late March or early April.

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For example, all of the Ivy League schools release their decisions on the same day—affectionately called Ivy Day. Likely letters and early writes are commonly sent to students from mid-February to early March. Improve your essay and impress admissions officers with our free Peer Essay Review. Submit your essay now to get fast feedback. The letters are commonly written in a flattering tone and will foreshadow the arrival of a formal acceptance letter in the future.

We confer this distinction on very few students, and we are thrilled to bring you the wonderful news. Likely letters are a way to keep you connected to the school, so many of them also include an offer to visit the college.

yale likely letter 2024

Likely letters and early writes are not openly advertised by schools, hence there is no comprehensive list of schools that send them. However, there is a record of some schools sending these letters in the past. All of the Ivy League schools have used likely letters to court must-have applicants.

Commonly, the Ivy League sends these letters to student athletes, as they possess the rare blend of academic prowess and athletic skill that makes them particularly impressive.

However, students who are exceptional in other ways are also potential recipients of likely letters. Similarly, high-rated liberal arts colleges like Amherst, Williams, Smith, and Grinnell have also been known to send likely letters or early writes. As mentioned, many likely letters and early writes come with an invitation to visit campus.

yale likely letter 2024

For example, Vanderbilt University sends around early writes in February to students from various minority backgrounds. The goal of the program is to attract talented students to the university and maintain an ethnically and culturally diverse campus.

Other schools also have similar diversity weekends for accepted students, such as Amherst College. Similarly, inthe University of Pennsylvania received 37, applications and only accepted 3, students.

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Of those 3, an estimated students received a likely letter. Want access to expert college guidance — for free?Have queries for this product, fill out this form, and we will get back to you within 24 hours. The college admissions season is flying by. The majority of early action and early decision deadlines for — are around between Nov 1 and Nov We all know how hard is the waiting phase.

Colleges offer early admission programs to manage yield, lock up prized applicants and improve prestige in the process. So, your chances of getting in via regular decision are actually worse than you might think. Applying to an ED or EA plan is most appropriate for a student who:. Additionally, I also manage online marketing at Stoodnt. Twitter Facebook Linkedin. But career experts agree that solid interview preparation involved preparing your….

It takes a certain grace, strength, intelligence, fearlessness, and the nerve…. Contact Form Have queries for this product, fill out this form, and we will get back to you within 24 hours. Related Posts. But career experts agree that solid interview preparation involved preparing your… Read More. It takes a certain grace, strength, intelligence, fearlessness, and the nerve… Read More. Previous Post Previous post:. Next Post Next post:.

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