R12 vs r134a pressure chart

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Tech Talk – Differences between R-1234yf and R-134a

Posts Latest Activity. Page of 1. Filtered by:. Previous template Next. Tom Greenleaf. RA has a slightly lower pressure at evaporator temperatures degreesbut Ra also has a much higher pressure at condenser temperatures degrees. NOTE: For best heat transfer, condenser temperatures should be degrees hotter than the ambient air temperature entering the condenser.

R-12 Refrigerant Pressure Temperature Chart

Tags: None. Brought this over from the old site as it's by "ACProf" and valuable information as a tool in the form of a chart. Comment Post Cancel. Thanks, I refer to it often. Thanks Tom. That's a nice chart to have posted. Readers: That chart do note how many cars are and have been around without a high pressure port. So when or if a problem comes along you want to know the pressure and without a port can quick use a touchless infrared thermos on lines and know the pressure!Login or Sign Up.

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R-134a Refrigerant Pressure Temperature Chart

Filtered by:. Previous template Next. For example I see charts that show, at 90 degrees, a low side of approx.

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One chart even allows for differences in humidity. And 2.

r12 vs r134a pressure chart

I know engine RPM, airflow, spraying the condenser with water all have an effect on pressures. Bottom line I never know quite what to expect when I hook up a set of gauges to do a test or charge a system. Last edited by er ;PM. Tags: None. Tom Greenleaf. Charts are the best "guesses" once the only thing you tried to achieve. It can't be that simple. You need to calculate in every condition at the time you observe them.

Yes humidity totally matter. A dripping wet evaporator is less capable of exchanging heat. Factors they don't mention are so many it makes a trade out of this on it's own. Stop with that: Look at the shape of vehicles now vs other are sloped down fronts not a billboard of a grille some type have to put condensers to one side at an angle. Firewalls and dash parts when it's just ductwork now there's lots of heat invasion in many.

The end game is know the system and capacity by weight.Skip to main content. W wasatchcat Member.

r12 vs r134a pressure chart

The factory manual has nothing and the I searched all the posting here and was unable to find an answer. Thanks for any help.


Original Post. J jb Member. Here's an old R12 chart from the 60's. Images 1. Can you give me a starting point? Do I assume if the outside air is and I want George P Admin. This means you've reached the point where the receiver is beginning to fill with liquid freon. The system is full. Whatever the cold air temperature is, that's as good as its going to get.

R12 walkin cooler running at 63 degrees

Old systems never operate at textbook settings. When the discharge pressure gets to psi, its time to stop and figure out whats wrong. The receiver has dessicant and screens inside which collect debris and cause the compressors discharge pressure to run high. Do NOT add in 30 sec to 1 minute bursts!! Without a scale you have no idea on just how much refrigerant you are putting into that pump, or its hoses.

If you are recharging an already partially charged system, go slow as you watch your pressures and temps. If your condenser is in the rear, have the deck lid open, if up front have the front trunk open. This keeps air going across the condenser since the car is not moving.

Make sure the condenser fan is running. Personally, I would change the dryer with one that has a sight glass, another tool to help balance a charge since you want liquid going to the Txvalve.It just becomes second nature after enough calls.

It will never fail that one of the first questions the pros ask the rookie is what is your subcool and what is your superheat? This article aims at providing you with just that information. R is one of those classic refrigerants that nearly everyone has heard of before. Even if you are not part of the industry chances are you have heard of R You see, R is a CFC refrigerant and was one of the first artificially created refrigerants to see widespread usage.

All of the previous refrigerants like ammonia, propane, isobutane, and even carbon dioxide all had their own problems. Sometimes it was flammability, toxicity, or operating pressure. Only shortly after their invention these new refrigerants began to take the world by storm. Not more then thirty years later and you could find R all over the world in all kinds of different applications.

Its explosive growth continued over the years. So did the related refrigerants known as R, R, R and many others. You see if these refrigerants were vented into the atmosphere either through damage, mistake, or malfeasance the chlorine in these refrigerants would make its way up into the Stratosphere.

Eventually a hole developed which caused the world to band together and create a global treaty known as the Montreal Protocol.

r12 vs r134a pressure chart

The treaty aimed at phasing out all of these Ozone damaging refrigerants. One of the first refrigerants to go was our friend R R was banned in new automobiles and was replaced with by the HFC refrigerant we all know today as Ra.

Now, there are still some R applications out there today. Most of these are through antique car collectors but there are other applications out there as well. If you are working on an R machine you are going to need to know your pressures. RefrigerantHQ's Pressure Charts.

Pressure Chart. You may also like.Ra is the most common refrigerant found in automobiles today. That being said, there are still millions of cars on the road that use Ra and there will be continue to be for at least another decade or more.

One of the very first steps is to check the pressure of your system. Understanding the pressure that your system is at as well as knowing what the saturation point is of Ra will allow you to properly diagnose what is wrong with your system. Remember, that air conditioning is basically changing the pressure on the refrigerant until a state change is reached. If your pressure is off then that could point you in the right direction.

With the facts behind you can then begin to determine if your compressor is at fault, perhaps your condenser, or it could be something as simple as your blower motor needing replaced. Without knowing the pressure in your system and the corresponding saturation point then you are in essence going in blind when you attempt to troubleshoot your air conditioning system.

I can assure you that when you take your vehicle into a dealership that the pressure and temperature are one of the first things they check when troubleshooting. There you have it folks. I hope this article was helpful and if you find that something is inaccurate here in my chart please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

I have sourced this the best I could but there is always going to be conflicting data. The aim with this article is to give you accurate information so again, if you see anything incorrect please let me know by contacting me here.

RefrigerantHQ's Pressure Charts. You may also like. Is there a yf Air Conditioner Recharge Kit? We do not directly sell any products or refrigerants, but rather provide information, knowledge, and explanations to the consumer. This content is provided 'As is' and is subject to change or removal at any time. Privacy Privacy Policy Disclaimer Advertising.AHRI is now specifing that all refrigerant containers should have one uniform paint color, grey RAL and that the previously assigned colors should be transitioned to the new standard color by Ra Pressure Table.

If there is a problem with your compressor or evaporator, adding freon will not restore cooling. You add about twenty five degrees to the outside air temperature.

Low load a. The gauges readings will depend on the ambient temperature. Ra pressure chart. Ra, which replaced R12, lives for around 13 years in the atmosphere before breaking down; its "global warming potential" GWP is 1, It is possible that some shops will put Ra into HFOyf vehicles.

Undersized distributor. A wide variety of ra refrigerant pressure options are available to you, such as not available. Refrigerant R22 is widely used for residential and commercial air. If the low side pressure rises to over 10 psig. In the course of conversion, the system must be checked for leak tightness. On small reachins, refers, etc the a stuff never goes over say If it was r12 compressor than thats why they used ra. Heat-Pump Dryer. It is a legal requirement that automotive workshops who provide air conditioning services including recovery continue to hold a refrigerant handling licence and refrigerant trading authorisation if Ra is being used.

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